Friday, December 30, 2005

Dragging Along

And my heart hasn't been in it, so mea culpa. Tough for me, a dyed in the wool holiday freak to get up in arms about one silly story or another but I promise to shake myself out of this lethargy as soon as the evil spirit moves me. There were plenty of days that saw 15-20 posts here at Messenger, but this time of the year, again for me at least, is dedicated to feeling good, not chastising one idjit or another because they're, well, an idjit.

If I only had the energy to break out the "good" camera and head to the shore, I could take dark and blurry pics of little specs in the sky and call them birds. Like Charles does at LGF when he's tired of reading the tons of stuff sent his way and needs some filler.


Besides, Blogger takes so long to publish, anything I do this morning probably won't be seen until this afternoon and folks have long since stopped coming by for something timely. Timely as in this hour, not this year like PJ Media does.

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