Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Slow Season

I was once a faithful follower of NRO's The Corner. Whenever something "big" happens, it seems as if a dozen or more relatively conservative columnists rush to cover the topic in a blog-rolling sort of way.

Whenever something not big happens...and this means 90% of what staunch conservatives pay attention to every's an unusual experience to follow the scroll.

Akin to hanging your clothes on a line. On a bright and warm and pleasant srping day. You go through the motions, enjoy the fresh air, then soon come to the realization that, after all, you are doing nothing but watching clothes dry.

You tell yourself that hey, you're outside, communing with nature, soaking up the rays, but it's boring as hell. The Corner is not blogging any more than Pajamas Media is blogging. Nothing vented, nothing gained. I still drop by, but will really begin paying attention when the Alito hearings begin because the folks there can dicipher lawyerese far better than I. Or the Dems on the Judiciary Committee for that matter.

This IS a boring time of the year, and the blogs are drooping under the strain of trying to find something worthy of attacking, but not the MSM ones such as what NRO offers. The hive-mind just amplifies the buzz and tries to make it more attention worthy but it remains as tedious as watching the clothes dry.

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