Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Sagacity Of Sister Ann...

"...These liberals are fanatics about privacy when it comes to man-boy sex and stabbing forks into partially-born children. But a maid alleges that she bought Rush Limbaugh a few Percodans, and suddenly the government has declared a war on prescription painkillers."

This weeks words of wisdom from the Chairman of The Broad are back to be being funny again. Methinks she's taking a breather and will be back in full frontal rant as soon as the Judiciary Committee takes on Judge Alito, and dispenses more torture than Senator McCain could possibly endure.

And since I broached the subject of torture, John, and I feel as if I CAN call you John since we're both Viet-Vets, although I wasn't cashiered after being frozen for promotion because I kept yelling Charlie's In The Wire!! every time an asian entered a room, but this torture deal you've been so eager to get done, isn't it really just a treaty between us and the terrorist dudes? I mean, look now, we already have treaties with other nations that establish rules of conduct, and terrorists are not members of a standing army or defenders of a particular country, unless you consider Goat Fucking Child Molestors a genuine group the UN would consider to admit as a new nation. Wait a minute, strike all that, the UN would...

So all this torture-schmorture deal is about is making nice-nice with the same fella's who attacked us, right? A treaty with terror? To play fair?

Think they'll sign it too? John?

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