Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thursday's STOP-THE-ACLU...

Ex-ACLU Attorney Wants You To STOP The ACLU...

by Jay on 12-28-05 @ 2:21 am Filed under ACLU, Church And State, War On Terror, PETITIONS, News
One of our contributors, Craig McCarthy, set up a petition to stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU, quite a while ago. We are trying to help Craig reach at least 25,000 signatures. We are not that far away.
Just two days ago, I put up as one of Stop The ACLU’s best posts of 2005, my interview with former ACLU lawyer, mr. Reese Lloyd. I had no idea it would be such great timing.
Mr. Reese strkes again in a podcast with Congressman Hostettler.

Support STOP all you can, please, and click into the full story if you'd be so kind.

Whew...that only took half an hour to finally post...some kind of record when using Booger. I blog using dialup, with AOL as my ISP, and Google's Blooger as the blog vendor, so it isn't any wonder that it becomes a hit or miss proposal most days. I at least try getting the story itself out, then comment after I'm sure all went well with the basics. That of course means that sometimes I don't get back to commenting at all if one of the unholy trinity is glitching, but like the Frogs say, kay sera sera.

Bitch session is over, so please go help out Jay at STOP.

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