Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meet The Bedwetters...

Was gonna headline this, Know Thine Enemy, but the left isn't an enemy of anyone but themselves. Lil kids in dark and clammy basements fretting over the possibility of getting drafted and screaming their fear for all the world to hear.

The Washington Monthly

Found the link to this liberal love fest at, of all places, NRO. No, it isn't a chick blog where they hang around describing their...monthly's...and here's some of the more amusing comments about the proprietors' list of acceptable conservative blogs:

"I'm sure there are reasonable conservative blogs, but there are no moral ones."

"What's awful is his selective application of principles. He'll decry Kos as hateful for withholding his sympathy from US mercenaries killed in Iraq, while keeping Lennie Green Footballs -- who celebrated the death of a 22-year-old girl by naming her their idiot of the year -- on his blogroll."

"Powerline proves that going to school in the New Hampshire outback can so radically twist one's perspective that the world forever looks like a tree."

"If I were asked for a list of reasonable conservative blogs, I surely wouldn't include Instapundit. Insta is neither intellectually honest nor actually provocative. He's a small step below Powerline in terms of being pure Republican hackery and Bush haigiography."

"Excellent, Kevin!
You've already spit on the workers today, let's be nice to the man. Been living on your knees long?
That said, Ann's Bughouse is a decent blog if you're stoned.
Wait, I think it's Althouse."

"If it was revealed that Bush ate infants, Malkin and the rest would have "favourite" BBQ Baby-ribs recipes posted next day and all would swear they had been eating babies for years."

"My opinion, right-left is roughly equivalent to elite-common. It's the common righties who carry the banner of ignorance and inadvertently level the playing field for the economic elite."

Have your own peek. These kids are hilarious, and you'll be laughing in no time. Unless you're someone like, say, Kim du Toit, and take this silly shit so seriously you'll be in a frickin rage for a week over it.

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