Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pro Football Picks

Saturday games. Yeah, it's the season for Saturday football, and that always screws up the teams but it's all about ratings and cash so who cares about the injury lists and practice time. We went 12-4 last week bringing us to 46-16 for the season.


Denver dances over Buffalo
New England squeeks out a home win against Tampa Bay
The Giants survive a scare from Kansas City by scoring late

On To Sunday

Chicago is at home and crushes Atlanta
Cincinnati sleepwalks past Detroit
Arizona has someone to beat up on in Houston
Indianapolis is tested by a good San Diego team but prevails
Jacksonville rebounds bigtime against San Francisco
Miami at home holds off the Jets
Pittsburgh continues another mini-streak by trouncing Minnesota
Carolina swamps New Orleans
Oakland nudges Cleveland but with two 6-9 teams it's anybody's guess
St. Louis escapes the invasion from Philadelphia by the skin of it's teeth
Seattle simply crushes Tennessee
Dallas by a field goal over Washington

Baltimore uses it's home field advantage to stave off Green Bay on Monday Night Football

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