Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursdays Gawk At The Latest Nonsense Spewing From The ACLU

ACLU Shocked at Bush Use of National Security Agency for Domestic Spying

Well, the ACLU isn't really shocked, but is quite happy to hop aboard the flubdubbery created by the seditious NY Times. Here's how it works; liberals love big government as long as they control the reins. Back when Slick Willy was telling us that we'd be losing certain rights in order to remain safe and sane and so secure, he was heralded as a tough leader who was taking the bull by the horns. Part of the Clinton platform was to do the same things that the present administration has implimented, but Willy's crew were enough in love with themselves to brag about it. Because, you see, the Dems know that power in their hands in power wisely employed for they happen to be so very much smarter than the rest of us. If Clinton had given the okay for wiretaps between US nationals and foreign thugs the same NY Times would be kissing his ass for doing the right thing.

It's all a matter of politics as usual, and no one should be shocked or dismayed that a Republican President is feeling heat from the loony left. The mainstream media leans towards the left and thats why it seems that Bush is doing a great many things untowards. The vast, vast majority of todays prominent newspeople are former Democratic activists who will disagree with ANYTHING the White House does, but when a Democrat is in office they remain silent.

Enter blogdom, and the playing field becomes far more level. We're reminded of what previous Presidents have done to protect the country, or, in the case of Blowjob Bill, what previous Presidents DIDN'T do. Jimmy Carter sat frozen in the Oval Office as events escalated past his level of understanding, and Bill Clinton occupied the same seat with a smile on his face because when things got out of control he either hid from a bearer of ill tidings, or prowled the halls looking for oral sex. Neither man was a Commander in Chief. Neither was capable of executing the necessary programs to wage what would become the war against Islam. Carter let the fanatics do as they pleased, and Clinton let them, among other things, try blowing up the WTC from the parking garage without striking back, when a forceful reaction would have stalled a great many of these terrorists dead in their tracks.

Reagan inherited Carters mess as Bush did Clintons. Unfinished work that needed a man in charge as opposed to a frightened fencesitter. But make no mistake here...Clinton would have gleefully allowed wiretaps if he felt them to be necessary. And the ACLU wouldn't have made anywhere near the fuss because it would have been from one of their own kind.

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