Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Russian Rocket Carries Europes Answer To GPS Into Orbit...

And in a few short years, disadvantaged French youths will be able to find their way through unfamiliar neighborhoods at night without having to set fires.

The BBC is carrying the story of how the Euro's, tired of relying upon American technology, have begun the task of creating their own global posititioning satellites that will be "civilian" in nature, and "assert Europes independance".

Check back with me in 5 or 6 years, and if the thing works here's a wager the terrorists will love it. "Run by civilians for civilians." That means there'll be little or no security because there's little or no money, and by 2010 look for their systems to be so full of bugs and glitches as to be rendered useless.

They're calling it Galileo, and no word yet from the Vatican as to the rumor they'll excommunicate the thing for daring to say the world is round.

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