Saturday, December 31, 2005

Final Regular Season Game Looms, And Why The Jets Are 3-12...

Because they have the worst coach in pro football? Maybe. When a man is stupid enough to say things like this, one wonders:

"We have to get more yards when he catches the ball," Edwards said. "Because he has that potential to do that. You think a guy who ends up with 70 catches in this league and is a good player like Laveranues, they should be at 1,000 yards. That's just my opinion."

And what a dumb opinion for a head coach. Now, I know that Edwards is clueless along the sidelines, for when the game begins he and is merry crew of dysfunctional men posing as professionals bring new meaning to chinese-fire-drill.

Laveranues has had 4 lousy quarterbacks throwing the ball to him this season, and the real wonder is how he has managed to catch 69 passes, NOT that he hasn't gained more yards. What a real coach says in a situation like this is, "we've got to find some way to get the ball in his hands more often," and not, "gee, why when they barely get the ball to him can't he twist his body full around and run some mores?"

Edwards is the Norm Crosby of football, the man that sports writers have to look for an interpreter to decipher what in the hell he's trying to say because he does not speak English very well at all, and is a joke to listen to. He speaks in cliches, never finishes a sentence, mumbles unintelligibly, and is the kind of guy that stares at your lips when you speak, a stern frown upon his face as he attempts to understand the question.

Each and every year teams are beset by injuries. It's the nature of the game, and a good staff finds a way to plug the gaps. This year, all of the plans went south when the first two quarterbacks went down, and the Jets proved that without star caliber players a less than star caliber assortment of coaches can do nothing but lose games. Sure, a team that was figured to go 13-3 or 12-4 drops to something close to .500 when the starting QB is out for the season, but 3-12? Every opposing team knew that the Jets were demoralized and didn't have the right type of head coach to pull the team through the injuries, so they stuffed the line of scrimmage and stopped the running game because there simply wasn't going to BE a passing game, not with this crew running the show.

Every week, deja vu all over again. And now Edwards disses his star receiver. Ah, Hermmy? Coles can only catch the ball, fella, he can't throw it to himself. He breaks off route after route trying to come back to the ball so the aging or inexperienced QB's have SOMEONE to toss it to, so of course he's not getting a lot of yards.

But I guess Herm has to point the finger at someone, so he picks Coles because the guy has matured and is strong enough to take the heat. Because if he honestly thinks that ANY of this years' breakdown was the fault of his receiving corps he doesn't deserve to be an assistant let alone a head coach. At ANY level.

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