Sunday, December 25, 2005

Once more into the breech...

And my last word on this flubdubbery about monitoring terrorist phone calls, sob, sob, sniff. Well, the last word today at least.

The Times, the Boston Globe, and US News have released classified information, REAL classified information and not just cocktail party chit-chat about an office manager who once had a license to collate and got her husband out of her hair for a time by sending him to lavish UN brunches in the middle east.

And they've obviously gotten quite a bit of it wrong, and this I can tell by the White House's LACK of response. Would not surprise me if the administration itself was responable for disseminating faulty intelligence, or at the very least won't explain what's been going on for fear of divulging sensitive data above and beyond what the 5th Columnists masquerading as newspaper people have.

NO one in the White House SHOULD be answering these allegations because psst...there's a war going on, our people are in harms way, so let's not tell the enemy what we DO or DON'T know about his plans.

Not that the real loons care about our people in the armed services, but taking a deep breath and reevaluating all of these wild ass claims might be just the ticket here.

At least through the Holidays? Just so the troops don't have to be reading about how they've been submarined by their own media?

Come on now. Make like our Marines are convicted murderers you want to save so very very much, and have a heart.

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