Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pro Football Picks

This is turning into a most difficult week to pick a winner. Lots of teams out of it, lots of teams a win will mean nothing to, and lots of intangibles.

But here goes:

NY Giants over Oakland
Denver over San Diego
Carolina over Atlanta
Cleveland over Baltimore
Dallas over St. Louis
Seattle over Green Bay
Indianapolis over Arizona
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Cincinnati over Kansas City
Chicago over Minnesota
New England over Miami
Buffalo over NY Jets
Washington over Philadelphia
Pittsburgh over Detroit
San Francisco over Houston
Tampa Bay over New Orleans

I'm 68-25 on the season, and before that, the perfect pot of pro pigskin prognostications went 67-50.


Thought it was going to be a tough week and boy was I ever right. Lots of teams just didn't show up to play football, and we went 10-6, our worst week yet.

78-31 for the season, now on to the playoffs.

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