Friday, December 23, 2005

*Sputter*, But, You Mean To Tell Me We Don't Get To Have Dead-Baby Farms?

Koreans dash hopes of every living liberal on the planet by admitting they announced bogus stem cell results...

"A team of independent investigators at Seoul National University has determined that at least nine of 11 human embryonic stem cell colonies whose creation was announced amid great fanfare earlier this year were fakes, deeply undermining the credibility of what had appeared to be some of the most spectacular biomedical achievements of the past two years.
The stem cell colonies, created by the university's star researcher, Hwang Woo Suk, had been among the first grown from cloned human embryos and had been said to be exact genetic matches to 11 patients who might benefit from the cells, which have the capacity to repair damaged tissues."

Drat and double drat. Now the loons will have to find some other disgusting venture to worship at the altar of. And I can only imagine Teddy Kennedy's shock at hearing the news that the embryonic liver they'd been working on didn't quite pan out, and all these years of pushing abortion rights were a waste of his valuable time. That's okay though, soon enough some other charletan will have them convinced of other reasons to harvest dead babies, so look for headlines featuring the "fact" that global warming is really caused by too few abortions being performed in Manhattan's Chinatown.

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