Monday, December 19, 2005

Yeah, Yeah...I know I said I'd Lay Off'a The Heavy Duty Politics For A Time...

...just for the holidays don't 'cha know, but quoting Teddy Kennedy is humor, not politics. This just in from the Chappa-quit-it kid in response to the Presidents address to the nation:

"It's wrong for (Bush) to attempt to silence his critics by calling them defeatists."

Says the king of defeatism, and I'm sure it'll be stated around the web as well as other silly places, that this is the cheaters way of getting out of debating anything. Participation is only allowed when everyone agrees, or so goes the liberal mantra. But Teddy, if you'd be so kind, tell us precisely what TO call those who want to CUT & RUN, if not defeatists?

Pajama Media?

Beg pardon? It's not fair to the Democrats to compare them to an organization that bitches and whines about criticisms to this extent?

Good point.

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