Friday, December 30, 2005

65% of Palestinians Applaud Terror Attacks on US and Europe

So says a poll conducted by the goatfuckers calling themselves the Palestinian Authority, and the only thing newsworthy is the fact that ONLY 65% of these proto-humans feel that way.

Hell, 90% or more of the ultra-liberal-loons in this country are fans of the meatbombs who kill people for no other reason than to prove that their god has the biggest dick in the universe, and come on, get real. Can you really imagine a supreme being allowing such bullshit to go on in his name. Would you treat your frickin goldfish this badly? And please, no crap about free will, okay. My frickin dog has free will and I don't let him shit all over the house because it's his decision, let alone kill other dogs just because he can.

Sometimes I feel that as a species we'll never grow up.

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