Monday, December 19, 2005

Told Ya So...Assembly Speaker Stalls Tough Laws Against Illegal Guns

As we've been saying over and over again:

"So why is Silver afraid to pass bills meant to dramatically increase jail time for criminals who deal in illegal guns?

Think political expediency.

Silver is in thrall to the Assembly's black and Hispanic caucus, which reflexively opposes all tough-on-crime measures as having a "disproportionate" impact on New York's minority groups.

No matter that the lives lost to illegal guns are predominately those of black and Hispanic New Yorkers."

Yep. Pass tough laws, send minorities to jail, and lose your constituancy in the blink of an eye because there's no other reason to vote Democratic in a liberal town like NYC. Their platform is based upon the touchy-feely, we'll save you from the wrath of the Republicans mantra and sending your voters to jail is counterproductive for doing the single job that politicos actually have. Getting elected.

And it's a wonder of wonders that someone in the MSM actually had the guts to come out and say so. Read through the whole thing if you'd be so kind.

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