Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If It's 4 Days 'Till Christmas...

Then it must be time for talking baseball!

The Yankees signed the biggest free agent available when the agreed to a 4 year deal with Johnny Damon, so of course that means Lil Mikey Lupica had something incredibly stupid so say about it. Lil Mikey, Mr. Moonbat himself, was just yesterday whining that the Yanks better do something fast if they wanted to improve the ballclub, so of course he doesn't like the fact that they DID do something, because moonbats are first and foremost whingy contrarians.

"The story here, in bold type, is that despite all the talk about saving money and getting younger, it was business as usual last night for the Yankees when they decided to pay Damon $52 million to play baseball for them over the next four years."

Damon drops his demands for a 7 year contract and they pay him what the leftfielder is making, the leftfielder he is younger than, and Lupica still finds enough bitching-room to produce yet another one of his about-face columns that contradict what he has previously been, well, bitching about.

And suddenly 32 is too old for a ballplayer simply because the Yankees signed him. 32. The time in an outfielder's life when he's considered in his prime unless a midget moonbat masquerading as a sports writer wants to moan about it.

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