Sunday, December 25, 2005

Don't know who is dumber...

Me, or Booger. As it can take 5 hours or more for a posting to be published I paid little attention to the fact that my football picks weren't showing up, but since they are nowhere to be found I can safely presume that the angels of the internet intercepted them and are bound for parts unknown.

Whatever. It's Christmas and I'm not letting something as silly as a messed up blog service ruin the day. Not the first post I've lost and for sure won't be the last.

Went 10-3 yesterday, and for today we like :

Minnesota over Baltimore
Chicago over Green Bay

And to close out Monday Night Football on ABC:

New England over the NY Jets

Season to date: 57-21 for me, and 67-50 for the perfect pot of pro pigskin prognostication.


With the Jets losing to The Pats on Monday Night Football, our week did an 11-4 march to mediocrity. 68-25 on the year.

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