Friday, December 23, 2005


Having a good laugh at the "and later died" tactics used to inflate casualty figures whenever a moonbat feels they're far too low, such as the nonsense spewing from the ANGRY LEFT concerning the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

"Deaths connected to..." or "Deaths otherwise not connected to but as a result of..." including one of my very favorites, "Deaths that will not be recorded for years to come..."

Now I know that the loons were counting on embryonic stem cell research to help them in their quest for eternal life, so ANY demise is uncalled for because golly gee, we're on the brink of immortality, but...and this might come as a shock...we are all of us going to die one day.

Using their wacky math coupled with direct insults to the laws of nature, I can therefore definitively say that all people who were adults during the onslaught of the Spanish Flu that came on the heels of WW I, are now deceased. This then leads me to conclude that the unsanitary atmosphere created by the appalling conditions following the European war aided and abetted the influenza that in fact caused the deaths of 2 billion people the world over.

2 billion. Then we take into account the casualties from WW II, and it is safe to say that another 2 billion people have died since 1940, so that brings the staggering death toll to FOUR BILLION.

All because the world forgot the warnings of Julius Caesar to keep a close eye on the Germans.

And in going back TWO THOUSAND and THIRTY years ago, to the days when Caesar was cautioning the world about the voracious appetite of the unruly Hun, we find that untold BILLIONS have perished since that point in time.

And, if we add the depravities inflicted upon the world by the Russians since the early 1900's, we're absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt certain that totalitarian governments are responsible for close to if not exceeding a TRILLION deaths.

When will the madness end?

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