Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Deadly Dai Bao

I'm unsure of the spelling, but it's an asian potato "peeler". More like a half-sized hatchet, meathook combo than anything else.

New York Daily News - Home - Queens man busted in potato-peeler slay

"A Queens man faces murder charges after stabbing a new drinking buddy with a potato peeler and beating him with a religious candle on Christmas, authorities said yesterday.
Adolfo Carreon, 41, of Corona was busted in the bloody slaying just before noon in his 97th St. home, cops said.
Armed with a potato peeler, Carreon knifed Victor Mendez, 36, in the face and head several times when a fight broke out in the basement apartment, police sources said."

I post this only because I was once a neighbor of Adolfo. He lived just around the block from me and was as crazy as a loon after a sip or two of the hard stuff, so it isn't a surprise to see someone finally called his bluff when he'd get half a bag on and scream "ganna keel you mang." Once an Irish-Italian neighborhood, that part of the world is now home to switchblades, Saturday-Night-Specials, and one of the easiest places to buy any firearm you could imagine. The Russian and Italian mobs finance the hispanic gun dealers because minorities get a slap on the wrist if caught, but if you can speak fluent English it's racketeering charges on top of everything else and say goodbye to the neighborhood for 10-15.

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