Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush Lays Into The "Shameful" Idiots Who Don't Think Monitoring Terrorists Is All That...

Bush Vows Domestic Surveillance to Continue

"President Bush, brushing aside bipartisan criticism in Congress, said Monday he approved spying on suspected terrorists without court orders because it was "a necessary part of my job to protect" Americans from attack. The president said he would continue the program "for so long..."

So W pretty much kicked some loon ass in his press conference, telling us what everyone who pays attention to these things already knew, namely the fact that Congress was aware of the interception of terrorist calls from outside of the US, all necessary comittees were aware, and I thought I caught a part at the end where he admitted sending the White House cleaning staff several emails to keep THEM abreast of what was happening as well.

And the NY Times says, ah, fuck him, and fuck our security. It SOUNDS evil so we'll run with the story. So now's the time to sit back and await the clarion call for yet another Special Prosecutor to sort out who dropped the dime, but betcha the liberal rags won't say boo about it until they've got to address the fact that news is happening right under their very noses.

And now's the time to thanks the heavens for blogs with GRAVITAS. The agglomeration featuring the best of the best, the one's who are on this story like white on rice. Hold on a sec, the page I was trying to load just popped up and Steve is on the case as well. Brb.

Cue elevator music...

Um, sorry about that but I was dead wrong. Pajamas Media has not a word of this. Nada. Zip. Zilch. And they MUST have been seriously hacked because they're running with a headline featuring...

Sweet mother of pearl...liberals on Mars.

Someone tell me, and I swear not to breathe a word of this to anyone, but the whole PJ media thang is a joke, right? Major stories breaking before their very eyes and they run with nonsense. All the news that's fit to print...when they get around to it? Some think tank somewhere informed them that people like reading old ass news? They couldn't find a writer, ANY writer to hop on the story quickly enough for a timely response? THIS is what's going to bring the MSM to it's knees? Fuck. I'd do it myself and for nothing just to save real bloggers the embarassment of being associated with such GRAVITAS.

Talk about shameful.

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