Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Wall Street Journal Joins The Pajama Party...

At least Best (?) of the Web does, and for shame, James, and a tsk-tsk thrown in for good measure.

Is James Taranto on one of the PJ's Board of this or that? Dunno, but here's the, gasp, advice he tenders:

"We were up late last night, and just after 1 a.m. EST we tuned in to CNN to see how the Iraqi election was going. Anderson Cooper was on the screen reporting from Iraq, and it looked a little like bad news; there was a caption that promised BREAKING NEWS and said something about a bomb in Ramadi.

For much more detailed on-the-ground reporting, see the Pajamas Media site."

Now, it strikes me as something of a conflict of interest here, but what do I know. Someone working for the MSM telling his readers to go look at the most laughed at blog in the known universe. So the Journal isn't providing enough coverage? Or not enough good coverage? Is everyone there guilty of ho-humming the Iraqi election, too? If so, then why are you writing for this incompetant rag, James, when the PJ's are only a phone call away? Kinda like a Cadillac dealership telling you that you'd be better off searching through his supply of old Yugo trade-ins because it's all you can afford.

What, we can't look for this stuff ourselves so it's something of a service to direct us to Pajama land? And when are you guys changing the name from Best of the Web to Roger's Home Away From Home?

Doesn't matter. The measly 10 bucks a month I spend to be a member of the WSJ online can be put to better use, couple good cigars or whatever, but one place it WON'T be going is to the Journal.

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AnechoicRoom said...

I think they've bought the car without looking at it. Or first taking it for a spin.

Me, I'd give J.T. the benefit of the doubt. Even though we expect him to road test cars he's suggesting that we drive.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time it has happened (other MSM writers have already done it). And it won't be the last. Call it suggestive PJM hypnosis. It's kind of scary really.