Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let's Stick With Festivus

NOTE TO EDITORS: This is an updated version of a column by Ann Coulter that first ran three years ago in December. ** ** **

"President Bush's 2005 Kwanzaa message began with the patently absurd statement: "African-Americans and people around the world reflect on African heritage during Kwanzaa."

I believe more African-Americans spent this season reflecting on the birth of Christ than some phony non-Christian holiday invented a few decades ago by an FBI stooge. Kwanzaa is a holiday for white liberals, not blacks. It is a fact that Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by a black radical FBI stooge, Ron Karenga, aka Dr. Maulana Karenga. Karenga was a founder of United Slaves, a violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers and a dupe of the FBI. In what was probably ultimately a foolish gamble, during the madness of the '60s the FBI encouraged the most extreme black nationalist organizations in order to discredit and split the left.

The more preposterous the organization, the better. Karenga's United Slaves was perfect. In the annals of the American '60s, Karenga was the Father Gapon, stooge of the czarist police.

"It's as if David Duke invented a holiday called "Anglika," and the president of the United States issued a presidential proclamation honoring the synthetic holiday. People might well stand up and take notice if that happened."

Yes, we forget how very few folks remember or ever knew the roots of Kwanzaa, but I know for a fact that few in Africa have ever heard of this nonsense. Should ask actress Charlize Theron. She's African-American, born there no less, and perhaps SHE could shed come light on the subject. In the meantime, read all of Ann's untribute to this made-up, worthless piece of shit they've been trying to pass off as a real holiday for decades now.

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