Friday, December 30, 2005

This Weeks Amazing Randi...

From the JREF Museum
Slovenia Backs Into the Middle Ages
A Bit of Chesterton
Rationalizations Offered
Criss Angel Speaks Up
A Review of the “Heaven” Show
“John of God” Defended
McGill University Featuring Pseudoscience
More Damn Fairies
Petro’s Back
In Conclusion

The review of the Baba Wawa special on heaven was what interested me the most. People the world over killing one another to gain access and special consideration towards the next life has intrigued me ever since I was mature enough to ask questions, and the many concepts of heaven combine to form a wonderful mythology.

Not being an atheist is at times difficult, for it is very hard to explain how a supreme being knew so little of the natural world as evinced in the scriptures of various religions. I'm simply not bright enough to determine on my own if there are deities in the universe, but AM wise enough to realize that they couldn't possibly be as stupid as the various faiths say they are.

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