Thursday, December 22, 2005

Calling All Moonbats

Because I really need some help on this one from the Boston Herald...

"...hospitals will no longer be allowed to give free infant formula to mothers taking new babies home. Regulators want to promote breast-feeding, even if it means making Massachusetts the first state to ban the popular freebie."

So women should be allowed to decide whether or not to kill their babies before they're born, but shouldn't be allowed to decide what to feed them after they are born?


And "regulators" of what?

"The regulations — adopted yesterday by the state Public Health Council — also require hospitals to have lactation consultants available to all new mothers."

But don't these dingbats know that it'll hurt the poor women? The loss of the free formula is enough, but who do you think is going to pay for these "lactation consultants"?

Not the poor mothers, you say, but the taxpayers? Ah, now THAT sounds more like the way liberals fix a problem they created to begin with.

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