Thursday, March 22, 2007

And Here I Thought This Only Happened In New Orleans...

Constables turn looters

Two of the five constables who were arrested yesterday after allegedly robbing the ‘Patna Express’ passengers
"Adding shame to the Indian Railways, the Railway police in UP have looted the train passengers. Five GRP constables named -- Sheshnath, Kishanveer Singh, Satyaveer Singh, Rambir Singh and Amod -- have been suspended after they were caught red-handed robbing on board ‘Patna Express’ passengers in Agra.

Posing as the ticket checkers, the constables boarded the "Patna Express" at Delhi on Tuesday (March 20) night. They tried to forcibly occupy reserved seats. When the passengers protested, they robbed the passengers of money and even their mobile phones..."

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