Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stop The ACLU Reawakening

I've been remiss of late in not offering anything from Stop The ACLU. So many hours in a day, etc, but that shouldn't stop those of you with a moment of time on your hands to click on in and be educated.

How Can the Largest Tax Hike in History . . .

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". . . Not be a tax hike? Yesterday, the House passed a new budget which the Heritage Foundation refers to as “a study in fiscal irresponsibility.” Though Democrats, not surprisingly, claim the bill does not “raise taxes,” it does allow the President’s wildy popular tax cuts to expire, resulting in a massive $400 billion tax increase for Americans over the next five years. Those with the lowest incomes will shoulder the biggest tax burdens."

Messenger Caveat: The above story does include a comment from Captain Ed, but nothings perfect.

Democrats and taxes. Perfect together. How ELSE are they going to fund all of those entitlement giveaways?

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