Saturday, March 31, 2007

On To The Show

Lisa and I are going to see "300" this evening. The crowds have diminished, and tonight is THE perfect night to venture into town because the Gators will be televised as they whip up on UCLA.

It'll be so peaceful I might not even bring a backup.

The Aftermath

As we suspected, the crowd was thin as most of Gainesville was glued to the television watching their beloved Gators trounce UCLA.

After the first major confrontation between the Spartans and the Persians, Leonidas is eating an apple while his men walk about finishing off wounded Persians. Sword chops here, spear thrusts there, while Leo chomps away on his apple in preparation to meet Xerxes himself.

I knew it was coming. Lisa was seated to my right, and her hand went to her mouth. The chuckles soon overwhelmed her, and in a quiet as a pindrop theater, she bursts out laughing.

"After all," Leonidas says with a healthy bite of his dwindling apple, "There are times to be civilized."

"Yes," grunts back one of the Spartans as he shoves home a savage thrust to put and end to a moaning Persian, "Yes, my King."

The damn broke and I've never heard Lisa laugh that hard. I was holding it back but couldn't help it once she started, and the two of us were in tears while the audience went even more quiet.

Then finally joined in. Blood, guts, gore, and she led a wave of laughter that was precisely what most of the audience was in desperate need of.

God Almighty but I've never been more proud.

Lisa reminds me that as we exited the theater a young boy looked up at me and asked, "Were you in the movie, mister?" To which I replied, "Yes, I was the wolf." Don't know why people make such a fuss as he really didn't soil his trousers all that bad.

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