Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award

Patrick tagged me with this, and since he did so in all seriousness I shall endeavor to treat it with the same flavor it was offered.

David Codrea


JR Over At A Keyboard And A .45

CZ The Day (now that he's blogging more and if for nothing else than his contributions to this and other blogs.)

And I'm going to stop at 4, because while there may very well be others deserving of such notice, I am unfamiliar with some of my newer blog friends and sorting e pluribus unum would be guesswork and I did promise to take this seriously. In my book, Ann Coulter would be #5 if she paid any attention to such things because I respect her intellect as well as her funny bone.


I shouldn't equate quantity with quality. Badanov is far from prolific because, gasp, he has this thing called a life.

He therefore is #5.

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