Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reality Intruding Upon Algores Fantasy Land

"WE often hear about global warming causing more heat deaths - but very little about cold deaths. It is true that, for example, the temperature rise from global warming will probably cause 2,000 more heat deaths in the United Kingdom by 2080. Yet studies indicate that the same temperature increase will also decrease cold deaths - 20,000 fewer U.K. cold deaths by 2080. Mentioning 2,000 more deaths, but not the 20,000 fewer cold deaths that go with them, is no basis for sound policy.

For the United States, the net lower death count from global warming in 2050 is estimated at 174,000 per year..."

There you have it. Due to natural climate fluctuations, certain animals, namely us, will die, one way or another. The frail and elderly, and but of course this is a shame, will suffer the most. BUT...less will suffer if the planet DOES get warmer.

Looking at the numbers one asks WHY? Why would you want MORE deaths, Al? Sweet christ on a crutch but the sun is hotter, MARS is fricking hotter, so WE have to pay through the nose because fat old Al needs a gig?

Yeah right.

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