WOODSTOCK, N.H. - "Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is lowering fund-raising expectations, just days before the first money deadline that will provide a clear sign about which candidates are viable - and which ones are not. During a bus tour of New Hampshire's rural North Country, reporters asked McCain about the ever-important money race, in which donations translate into credibility. The deadline for candidates to report their first-quarter fund-raising is just days away, on Saturday.

"We started late, our money-raising, and we're going to pay a price for it because we got off to a late start," McCain said. McCain's admission is surprising for a top-tier GOP candidate.

Rivals have been rallying to show they have the millions for a presidential bid. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been holding fund-raisers around the country, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney raised $6.5 million in a single day in January.

Public opinion polls have shown Giuliani with a big lead."

So lets get this straight, shall we...

They ALL started earlier than usual, but McCain started his earlier later and now doesn't have as much as the earliest of starters.

Gotcha. Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he's the most disliked of all the name candidates now, would it? And that the gall of it all is the likes of YOU speaking about "lowered expectations" while keeping a straight face.