Friday, March 30, 2007

Bloomy Will Pay The "Poor" To Act Civilized

"Here's a look at some of the cash rewards that thousands of low-income families could receive from the Bloomberg administration:

  • $25 for every two months that grade school students attend class regularly.
  • $50 for every two months that high school students attend class regularly.
  • $200 to $300 for parents of children who score well or show marked improvement on standardized exams.

Mayor Bloomberg joined with philanthropists yesterday to announce details of the nation's first ever cash-incentive welfare program.

Funded by private donations, the $50 million pilot program will target 2,500 families in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods - including Harlem, Brownsville and East New York in Brooklyn, and Morris Heights, Mount Hope, East Tremont and Belmont in the Bronx.

"The stress of poverty often causes people to make decisions that are detrimental to their future," Bloomberg said yesterday at the Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center in Brooklyn.

"Struggling families are so focused on surviving today, often they can't afford to plan for tomorrow," said Bloomberg, who donated money from his private fortune to fund the program.

Families in the program will be offered cash payouts, totaling up to $5,000 a year, if they meet specific goals."

These are the "poor" that own several pets, multiple televisions, are of course hooked up with cable. Somehow, someway, these poor individuals find enough money to eat themselves into XXXL jogging suits complete with seemingly always new and expensive as hell designer-bro athletic shoes (sneakers for the un-affectated).

In every other country on the planet, such poor folken would be considered middle-class citizens of some means, but in the world of socialist welfare they're disadvantaged because...dare we say it...90% of them happen to be minorities.

So now, because they are poor and cannot think all that well, instead of penalizing them for eating themselves into oblivion and cramming that 4th or 5th pet into a small apartment, we'll talk the language they best understand by paying them off if they send their kids to school on time.

That's right. The carrot, but absolutely nothing resembling the stick. Hey, they got enough problems being poor.

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