Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not All Texans Like The Idea Of A Castle Doctine...

The following is from, but one must be registered to read the entire story so here's the meat and potatoes of how an "anti" feels about the attempt to provide a Castle Doctrine for the Lone Star State:

"... If the Texas Legislature has anything to say about it, there will soon be a solution to the red-light running problem that has blossomed across our fair state. It will require that you keep your wits about you, along with your sidearm at the ready."

"If you, while tooling along in your chariot, legally happen into a traffic-light controlled intersection and notice another vehicle rocketing down on you having just run the red light, swiftly pull your trusty legally sanctioned concealed weapon, take careful aim and blow the driver away. He/she obviously means you and yours serious harm, and the Legislature wants you to take him/her out." ...

Yes. Obfuscate, stretch the truth, demand we all become victims. Then call for help from armed men willing to deal with criminals because you've not the guts to defend yourself.

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