Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ride Fast & Shoot Straight Has It Correct...

Teens Denied Whiskey, Guns and Fast Cars in Albemarle County

Under the rule, high school athletes must pledge that they will not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs on and off school grounds, and their parents must agree to tell coaches and principals if their children do.
"Govt (schools in this case) telling people what they can do on their own time. Next it will be anyone under 18, then anyone under 21 and finally everyone, for our own good. Of course."

Dontcha just love it when government gets kids to rat on parents and parents to rat on kids?

I clearly recall impatiently awaiting 1984 so as to laugh in the face of author George Orwell for being so lamebrained as to think we'd ever reach the point whereby Big Brother was reality.

Just another act of infamy courtesy of your local neighborhood liberal, and I do blame The Greatest Generation for being so very easy to hoodwink.

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