Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Only Ones Contagious Enough...

This is from CNN, so take it with a grain of salt and then some. Contagious shooting is yet another meaningless law enforcement term used to describe a me-too approach to dealing with a threat. One cop shoots, then another, then another. Like passing along a healthy yawn. Disciplined officers do not act or react in such a manner, but I guess its easier to come up with something akin to a disease rather than face the cold hard facts.

As more facts come to light, it appears that the NYC officers who fired 51 shots at a punk named Bell, may very well have done so after seeing a gun in one of the mens possession. Regardless, I'm not second guessing them here, and will not unless new evidence is introduced. Suffice to say that you or I can shoot a heck of a lot faster than the shooter in the CNN video, and spray & pray is one of the definitive reasons the police went to semi-autos to begin with so they are damned if they do and possibly dead if they do not.
CNN's Rick Sanchez takes a look at how gun technology has changed for police officers. (March 17)
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