Saturday, March 31, 2007

Julie Does Vannity

First off, lets start by agreeing that the President is the single most powerful politician in the country. If we cannot, then perhaps you're better served moving on over to one of the big blogs that portrays a chief executive as powerless, as an excuse for why Bush hasn't stepped up to the plate more often.

This is the man you'd like to see in charge? As the most powerful man in America?

HANNITY: Let me move on. And the issue of guns has come up a lot. When people talk about Mayor Giuliani, New York City had some of the toughest gun laws in the entire country. Do you support the right of people to carry handguns?

GIULIANI: I understand the Second Amendment. I support it. People have the right to bear arms. When I was mayor of New York, I took over at a very, very difficult time. We were averaging about 2,000 murders a year, 10,000...

HANNITY: You inherited those laws, the gun laws in New York?

GIULIANI: Yes, and I used them. I used them to help bring down homicide. We reduced homicide, I think, by 65-70 percent. And some of it was by taking guns out of the streets of New York City.

So if you're talking about a city like New York, a densely populated area like New York, I think it's appropriate. You might have different laws other places, and maybe a lot of this gets resolved based on different states, different communities making decisions. After all, we do have a federal system of government in which you have the ability to accomplish that.

HANNITY: So you would support the state's rights to choose on specific gun laws?

GIULIANI: Yes, I mean, a place like New York that is densely populated, or maybe a place that is experiencing a serious crime problem, like a few cities are now, kind of coming back, thank goodness not New York, but some other cities, maybe you have one solution there and in another place, more rural, more suburban, other issues, you have a different set of rules.

HANNITY: But generally speaking, do you think it's acceptable if citizens have the right to carry a handgun?

GIULIANI: It's not only -- I mean, it's part of the Constitution. People have the right to bear arms. Then the restrictions of it have to be reasonable and sensible. You can't just remove that right. You've got to regulate, consistent with the Second Amendment.

HANNITY: How do you feel about the Brady bill and assault ban?

GIULIANI: I was in favor of that as part of the crime bill. I was in favor of it because I thought that it was necessary both to get the crime bill passed and also necessary with the 2,000 murders or so that we were looking at, 1,800, 1,900, to 2,000 murders, that I could use that in a tactical way to reduce crime. And I did.

Amazing. Lots and lots of murders in NYC because of assault-weapons, right, Rudi?

Anyone want to wager on Julie Annie having the slightest idea of what an assault-weapon even IS? And if taking guns off the streets is so important, then why not disarm the ones who carry them the most. Beg pardon? The police are better than us and deserve the right to defend themselves?

The Constitution listed all of those rights in order to protect us from the sort of government Julie espouses, but he's all in favor of appointing Conservative judges who would protect and defend it even as he disregards it.

The man gives clueless a whole new meaning.

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