Friday, March 23, 2007

"The single biggest connection between violent crime and an increase in violent crime is the presence of guns in your society..."

And Guess Who Said That...

Law and Order and Guns

Rudy has some funny views on guns; he’d better beware if Thompson enters the race.

By John R. Lott Jr.

One person’s “reasonable and sensible” gun laws aren’t always another’s. So when Rudy Giuliani recognizes that the Second Amendment guarantees people the right to bear arms subject to “reasonable and sensible” laws, it really doesn’t tell us much. Yet one thing is for sure though: Giuliani is hardly a “strict constructionist” on constitutional matters, at least when it comes to the Second Amendment. It is a long ways from “shall not be infringed” to “shall infringe whenever Congress has a ‘reasonable and sensible’ justification.”

For those who support the Second Amendment, the main problem is that Giuliani has rarely met a gun regulation he didn’t see as “reasonable and sensible.” In 2000, he pointed out how he was “a very strong supporter of gun-control legislation” and called for everything from federal gun-licensing and registration to banning guns based upon their price.

Only in the last couple of months has he finally gone on the record as opposing a gun law: he came out against re-imposing the assault-weapons ban. Yet he originally supported this law when it was first adopted, and he wanted it renewed as recently as 2004, when it expired.

His support for all these gun laws isn’t too surprising given his belief that “the single biggest connection between violent crime and an increase in violent crime is the presence of guns in your society . . . . the more guns you take out of society, the more you are going to reduce murder. The less guns you take out of society, the more it is going to go up.”

...There is no academic research by economists or criminologists that indicates that gun control mattered at all. But there are other more obvious explanations, including the massive increase in the number of full-time sworn police officers, which grew from 26,844 in 1990 to 55,408 by 2000. The growth in the per capita number of officers in New York City was roughly five times the rate in other large cities. The city also greatly improved its hiring standards and increased officer pay..."

I'd previously been of the opinion that what Julie did in NYC stayed in NYC. Open gunshops in the Apple and in a months time you'd have every minority crook, and there are millions of 'em in the Tristate area, selling them to villains thieves and scoundrels in backalleys from Chinatown to Atlantic City. Some sensible accounting IS important in that asphalt jungle, and I know this is heresy but background checks would be necessary. The Sharptons remain mum on the matter because NO ONE but the rich and famous can pack heat in New York, and no, I won't tell you if Al has a concealed carry license because that's his business.

But opening the doors for any honest citizen to keep and bear arms would mean that the vast majority of minorities would be left out in the cold due to one criminal record or another, and thats a beast no one in their right mind would want to take on. Julie looked at the problem and saw no way out. Rid the streets of as many of them as possible, return some semblance of civilization, then we'll talk about reintroducing certain "rights".

Yet he STILL thinks that some form of gun control is necessary for the nation as a whole. He STILL believes that most people just aren't savvy or smart enough or special enough to own guns, and that makes him our enemy.

Conservatives look at Democracy as government being the head of a flowering plant, something attractive such as a Rose. But the roots are the most important part of ANY living thing, and from the roots spring the power to allow the entity to grow. Government is the flowering head, and we are the roots that keep it firmly planted and healthy. Seems simple, doesn't it?

Liberals such as Julie Annie like cut flowers the best, though. Keep replacing them with fresh ones and who cares about feeding and nurturing and growing.

PS: So what's the fertilizer?

That's what the Clinton's were made for. Hey, even an award winning tulip benefits from having some shit spread around now and then.


A President appoints the Attorney General. The Attorney General can prosecute gun owners and gun businesses unmercifully. Anyone believing that a liberal President would have no deleterious effect on the 2nd Amendment need only look at the record of Mr. Janet Reno, or for that matter, what out of his league Gonzales has been doing. The Justice Department is all-powerful when it comes to backing or fighting the Constitution, and it would be just like Julie to come down hard on otherwise law abiding citizens simply because they had the audacity to purchase a firearm.

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