Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rude Awakenings

"Considering how badly things have been going for conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans and anyone else whose brain doesn’t explode like one of those guys from the movie Scanners at the thought of another Republican president, it’s worth noting that one of the greatest conservative victories of the last 40 years is quietly unfolding right in front of us. On March 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued an epochal ruling. The court found that the Second Amendment actually protects the right to bear arms for individuals..."

Quietly unfolding?


We've been sounding the bell, blowing the horn, storming the ramparts, and Goldberg believes this to be a quiet enterprise?

I found the link over at Pat the Yogi's joint, and was flabbergasted that a name Conservative like Jonah Goldberg would know about the DC ruling, let alone be speaking of it, but he didn't disappoint. Using arguments so tried and true they need a transfusion, Goldberg believes himself to be offering hope amidst the darkness, but we've been winning victory after victory in driving the barbarians from the gates, and if he believes us to be laurel-resting or weeping because SOME RINO or another has given up the good fight, then he's as dimwitted as he sounds. Whenever the libs go after one of our rights, not only do we fight back but become closer as one nation under God in the process of doing so. Texas has a Castle Doctrine, Florida is pushing for businesses to stop snooping into our personal vehicles, and these monumental victories go unnoticed but let SOMETHING happen in D.C., and the formerly clueless hop aboard the bandwagon as if they know anything about whats been going on.

Yes, the D.C. ruling was interesting, Jonah. Not that you had a bloody thing to do with it, or will be making those calls and sending those emails and attending those meetings, so guess what?

Not that the fight is over, but we've been kicking some moonbat butt, Jonah, and are quite happy with most of the results that WE'VE been a part of.

Repeal the 2nd? Are you insane?

Psst...Jonah? The revolution would begin in earnest, pal. You appear to have less than a hope of understanding since you broach the subject as if it were possible, so now do us all a favor and pay some attention next time you think you've discovered the Philosophers Stone of Freedom, okay? We are becoming more united each and every day, and even this monstrously inane essay of yours will serve to kindle additional interest in those wishing to become men again.

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