Saturday, March 31, 2007

Those Wacky Israeli's And Their Special Ammo

Needle Bullet: This type of bullet is sensitive to body temperature, exploding just before they enter the body as the outside heat of the body triggers them. These small multi-fragments enter the body and are not easily located. In addition, once located they are difficult to remove as these are quite slippery and tiny, and when stretching the skin or muscle to remove, they disappear deeper into the body making it more difficult to extricate. EMS medical personnel have often times reported that they were unable to remove all the fragments from cases with needle bullet injuries.

Micro Ammo. These are small bullets dispensed at high velocity, so the injured may not be aware immediately that they have sustained an injury as they would with a regular bullet. The injury is felt when person attempts to move or walk. These bullets are also capable of penetrating bone area. Lightweight and its shape facilities its movement under the skin or muscle, and the more the intrusive micro munition moves, the more it damages capillaries and tissue.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I've never used such munitions. Never shot someone using rounds that make the wound impossible to treat without sophisticated medical equipment, and by its very nature a dead giveaway as to who shot whom. And by the by, I haven't the foggiest of whatever it is the Red Crescent may or may not be babbling about, but just as virtually every modern army has specialty weapon systems and munitions, so do the Jews. Our own special forces are pretty much free to use whatever they wish, because for them, we disregard various "Conventions" that we never really signed on to anyway. Nuff said as I really don't want to get into it any further.

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