Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cop Shot In Ankle Released From Hospital

"The gunman who fired a bullet into the ankle of the Brooklyn cop on Tuesday is a Bloods gang member with a long rap sheet, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The illegal weapon he fired is a 45-year-old semiautomatic pistol from Spain that was in "pristine condition," the commissioner said.

Luckily for Mangra, the relic misfired after the gunman shot one round at the officer at a Park Slope intersection, authorities said. The suspect, Kingsley Newland, 28, had just left the New Directions drug treatment center on Flatbush Ave. when Mangra and his partner, Erik Merizelde, 26, spotted him smoking pot on nearby Dean St. and pursued him, court records show.

A struggle ensued and Newland - who has at least seven other arrests for drug crimes in Brooklyn - grabbed the .22-caliber from behind his back and fired once at Mangra before the gun was wrestled away, police said.

"I was just hoping things would work out good," Merizelde said as he stood beside Mangra's wheelchair outside the hospital. "That was the only thing on my mind, that we both came out good from that situation.

"I'm just thankful I'm alive and my partner's okay."

Doctors removed most of the bullet that fractured the NYPD officer's fibula, and he is expected to make a full recovery, Bloomberg said.

The mayor said the latest shooting of a police or auxiliary officer - the fifth this month - is a reminder that the city's streets are overrun with illegal guns."

Mike? Admitting that the city's streets are overrun with criminals is one of the dumbest things that any Mayor could possibly utter, but your penchant for saying the stupid precedes you. Time now to fess up as to why, during your watch, crime has become such a problem, and what you intend to do in order to solve the problem of dope dealers, drug addicts, villains thieves and scoundrels owning the streets.

Kudos to the officer for putting a thug behind bars. As for the .22 Llama being in pristine condition, then why did it jam after one shot?

Do I sense that the Bloomberg Boondoggle is now preparing to declare war against Spain?

He's done dumber.

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