Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reds Trading Post

This in from The War On Guns:

"They've posted two new video ads defending themselves against BATFU harassment.

Ryan Horsley's got guts and he's articulate. He's defending a way of life and a fixture in his community from destructive invading parasites, and he shouldn't have to stand alone.

We gun owners are quick to pass judgment on dealers who don't stand up to intimidation, like those who caved in to Bloomberg's lawsuits. We need to be equally as quick to support those who refuse to roll over. This guy goes one step further and swings back defiantly."

Red must have a close relative who's a lawyer. And a good one.

Do us all a favor and take a look at what Red's is saying, and think about how you can help. We men of action pride ourselves on being Do-ers, so don't just sit back and wonder why everything around you is going to shit.

I've read the notes from your mothers, so you big bloggers are of course excused from doing any heavy lifting.

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