Tuesday, March 27, 2007


"House Bill 1417 protects you from having your private vehicle searched and from punitive action against you by anti-gun business owners who would deny you your right to have a gun in your car for protection. HB 1417 establishes penalties for these ARROGANT CORPORATIONS who think they can control what private property you have in your private vehicle."

Well I've spent the day trying to contact major businesses in northern Florida, and pretty much all of them are stonewalling.

LOEWS, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Albertson's, and others have been giving me the run-around and that leads me to believe they're dead set against HB 1417, but their employees at the local level are so very incompetent that its hard to tell.

The LOEWS Human Resource Manager flat out said that it is company policy to ban ALL firearms from entering the premises, unless they are carried by law enforcement officers. There's even a sign on the front door, the lady told me, but of course there is not, and when I asked her and the store manager to show me the sign...which wouldn't mean squat here in Florida...they huddled and said to get back to them after they've called Corporate.

Problem is, I'm not considered a journalist, and getting any of these folks to speak with me is nigh on impossible unless I happen to mistakenly bump into one while on the premises, but at least most of the businesses referred me to the infamous home office for more details, and not a single one of them professed to even knowing what in all hells HB 1417 is.

Contact the home office of any of the above, await a reply, then listen to politely offered double-speak on how all they really want to do is obey the law, and have no particular fish to fry on the matter.

And that's bullswaddle. The NRA is in crisis mode after learning that "Corporate Giants" have been strong-arming local House members, and there does not appear to be anything that can be accomplished on the local level with regards to getting these Giants to fess up.

House Bill 1417 is important to all of us, and all I ask is that Floridians contact their representatives and be heard on the matter, as the giants are playing dumb and won't admit to being anti-2nd Amendment.

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