Thursday, March 22, 2007

We Get Letters

"Why does everyone on the right find it so easy to pick on Muslims...?"

If I had the time this could take several days to answer, but I'll focus upon one area. You can tell a lot about a people by regarding how they wage war. War is hardly a natural state of affairs, and throughout mankind's history more time has been spent defining rules of engagement than in the actual fighting itself. Within the boundaries of such rules, armies willingly cede their humanity for a time, taking refuge in the fact that the mayhem will be as controlled and honorable as possible. This is of course the ultimate fantasyland, but much needed come time to return the fighters back to the society that sent them to do murder.

There have always been however, peoples to whom there can be no standard of acceptable behavior. As an example, and like many asian army's before them, moslems are now using children as human shields on the battlefield. To anyone possessing even a dollop of humanity, this is horrendously evil, and draws a clear line between civilization and the savages it must reckon with. Without honorable rules of engagement, our armed forces would be akin to the lower forms of life, such as moslems, and members of our own law enforcement branches who would by force of arms, assault, capture, and kill law abiding Americans simply because they were told to do so.

Standards are quite necessary and define the man and his code of ethics. To this point in time, I have not discovered such a code dwelling in the hearts and minds of militant islam. They have contributed nothing to modern society save for an improvement to the weapon systems designed to eradicate them.

And don't get me started on how they treat women.

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