Friday, March 23, 2007

Squeeze Lightly, Then Repeat

I don't sell, nor am affiliated with anyone who sells ammunition or firearms. I sort through an average 300 emails a day from old friends and acquaintances around the world, and when something begins to seem like a definite trend, the information gets passed along.

That's why I switched my personal carry load from Winchester Ranger-T to Federal HST. More and more armed responses using this ammunition are reporting DRT (Dead Right There), or 3-D (Definitely Done Dancing) after one, or at the most two (2) torso hits from both 9mm and .40 caliber platforms. The handful of .45 reports have been difficult to figure out so I won't confuse an already confusing issue by posting conflicting observations and opinions.

In the attempt to make all of us deadly foes to criminals and those that would do our country harm, the fact of the matter is that Federal HST Hollow Point ammunition is the best load currently available for both civilian and law enforcement. Military and Special Service munitions are another story entirely, but since we'll never see the likes of whats being tested by our armed services made available for us, until something better comes along the recommendation is to go with 9mm in 147 grains and .40 in either 165 or 180.

This isn't to say that you should fire once then light a smoke and await the demise of Bobby Bad Guy just because you've capped one of these baby's into his boiler room. Shoot, then continue to shoot, until the threat is neutralized. In all likelihood you'll never have to do so, but having the capability should make us all sleep better.

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