Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloomy Responds To Critics Of Republican Convention


Bloomberg: Learned from Seattle's failures.
Bloomberg: Learned from Seattle's failures.
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March 28, 2007 -- EDITOR'S NOTE: Below are remarks the mayor prepared for delivery to the media yesterday.

"THE 2004 Republican National Convention was the largest event the city had held since 9/11. We were very concerned that we would be a target for potential terrorists or others intent on causing disruptions."

Wowsers. To this very day I didn't know that NYC held an event on 9/11, all the while believing that it was a terrorist attack.

Under normal circumstance, Mikey, I could care less if you and your goons masquerading as law enforcement busted the chops of every last liberal idiot in or about the city during the Convention, but you see, Mickey, you've gotten a truly bad rep, fella. A well deserved one though, and therein lies the rub. You, for example, hire private investigators to try and scam gunstores, hoping beyond hope that someone somewhere doesn't cross that T, or dot the old i so that you might then send in sworn peace officers to arrest them.

You're a thug, Mikey. You break the law when it suits you, and this makes people nervous so of course people take a damned closer look at your shenanigans. There's a special word used to describe someone who travels about with an armed escort while prohibiting his subjects from doing the same, Mikey.


Sure, our gals love all this royalty schtick, but enough is enough.

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