Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gun Control For A Sunday Evening

Can't let a day to by without mocking lefty cops/politicians and the gullible press, now can I...

"T]hey have support from Councilman Robbie Waters, formerly a sheriff and city homicide detective. A longtime gun-rights advocate, Waters says he thinks the measures wouldn't "weaken people's legitimate rights," but they would help police stem gun violence."

Whenever an only one talks about "measure", he or she is of course speaking of measures directed towards the law abiding, and NOT the criminal. Criminals don't need licenses and fingerprint checks and waiting periods, you see.

That's why we call them criminals. And when crooks have an easier time exercising their rights, well, this pisses me off. And please now. ANYONE who advocates gun control IS NOT a gun-RIGHTS-advocate, you simpletons!

Head on over to The War on Guns for the full scoop.

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