Friday, March 30, 2007

And Now For Something Really Important

Seems like each and every time I venture into anything reporting upon fashion trends, the startling conclusion has been reached that the miniskirt is "back". A leisurely jaunt through any large city on a gorgeous spring day will provide ample glances at long lean legs, but I do believe I've discovered why fashionistas claim this to be an on again, off again occurrence.

It's because such sightings are location-specific. Downtown Chicago? With THEM moose's? Forget about it. Certain NYC neighborhoods? Chrissake, but all a girl has to do is appear to be even the least bit thin and politicians...and Rosie O'Donnell...want to make it illegal for fashion shows to employ skinny models. LA? Frisco?

Please now. Women in skirts bespeaks a certain amount of class, and don't look to the Left Coast for anything even close to that.

I like the mini. Always have, always will. It's alive and kicking and worn by any woman NOT a minority member and by that I'm referring to gals UNDER 200 pounds.

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