Friday, March 23, 2007

Markie Mark Wows The Loons

'Shooter' Hits Its Mark With an Old-Fashioned Hero

By Scott Eyman

Shouts the Washington Post review

Proving that one need not have the least bit acting ability so long as one tosses an epithet in the general direction of the Presidency now and again.

And we'd still all like to know how a convicted felon managed to handle and operate firearms, in California, without being arrested.

"At bottom, "Shooter" is not ballistic porn so much as a western in urban drag: The retired gunslinger lured out of retirement and promptly double-crossed, who proceeds to clean up the territory anyway, all the while ignoring both legal niceties and -- given the amount of blood Swagger seems to lose -- natural law.

It's a story that can be transplanted from genre to genre, because we never grow tired of it, which is to say that it fits snugly into the paranoid drift of American movies, and the value we place on one honest man with a gun."

And since they do absolutely NO research, writers such as this clueless loon don't know how silly it is to call lil' MArkie "one honest man with a gun."

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