Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes...Ill-Annoy Has Gone And Almost Done It...

For purposes of this Act:
7 (a) "Coded" and "coded ammunition" mean a bullet carrying a
8 unique identifier that has been applied by etching the same
9 onto the base of the bullet.
10 (B) "Firearm ammunition" shall have the meaning provided in
11 Section 1.1 of the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act,
12 except that it shall not include shotgun shells or ammunition
13 designed to be used in muzzle-loading "black powder" firearms.

14 Section 10. Prohibition on sale, manufacture, or use of
15 non-coded ammunition.

In English, this means that ALL ammunition MUST have a particular serial number etched in, and this of course heralds the end of "legal" ammo sales in Ill-Annoy because what manufacturer in their right mind is going to go through this expense when all a buyer need do is ahem, find his ammo elsewhere. The bill was just introduced, but the word on the street is it has a damned good chance of passing.

And I won't even to into how ludicrous this is with regards to catching criminals, but the real reason is to keep the good citizens of this once great state disarmed so who precisely are they trying to fool.

Just the fools.

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