Monday, December 26, 2005

Here's why Charles At LGF Could Never Be A Genuine Journalist...

He sees a moslem in the woodpile, in EVERY woodpile: And sweet Gerogia Brown, Chuckie, Breaking Gas?

lgf: Breaking: Gas Attack in Russian Store

Gas Sickens 78 in Russian Store. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - More than 70 people at a home-supply store were sickened Monday as employees at three other outlets of the chain found gas-filled containers and timers hidden in boxes. Police said they believed a commercial dispute or blackmail attempt was behind the incidents.

"The AP’s story is suspiciously quick with the assertion that this was a “blackmail” attempt. There’s plenty of organized crime in Russia, but there’s also a very active jihad."

Ah, Charles? The cops said they believed it to be a local fracas or blackmail deal, NOT the AP. And it's not as if I wouldn't mind tying the Followers Of the Pedophile Prophet to everything up to and including the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, but there is nothing in this story that leads one to believe in a jihad connection. Leading your readers to assume there might be is kneejerkalism and not journalism, Charles. And, while LGF provided a good and necessary service in keeping an eye on the REAL moslem nutcases for us, it's wackjob reporting such as this that gives conservative blogging a bad name, and is more proof positive that you should NOT be one of the people in charge of replacing the old mainstream media. LGF has turned into the ambulance-chasing entity of the internet, and it's a crying shame that hundreds of thousands of people frequent this disaster weekly while real meat and potato blogs of genuine journalistic integrity languish without readers.

Pajamas Media is awful, and Little Green Footballs is getting worse. Shame too. With the built-in audience the could'a, should'a, would'a's are endless. You could have been a contender, Chuckie. Can't write worth a darn, but many a good editor hasn't been able to string more than three words together and still make sense, and editing should have been your forte having spent all of this time sorting through the thousands of suggestions from your legion of readers. Was better to have been lucky than good, I guess.

Too late to call Dennis the Peasant and sign on someone with a personality?


Anonymous said...

Bravo on calling it like it is. Never be shy to call me out when I'm in the wrong either. I like Charles and LGF still, yet I definitely see your point...matter of fact I just visited a liberal site calling him out on the very same thing.

I don't like the whole concept of PJM though. Keep up the great posts.

X said...

Liberal, schmiberal, whatever. Point is, we know an easy target when we see one.

Fits said...

Well, Jay, I used to really dig LGF before the pressure to produce a moslem atrocity each and every day became so great that Charles began grasping far beyond his reach.

And yes, X, there ARE easy targets, but I like the ones that move some. Keeps me on my toes, and at my age, anything akin to that is worthwhile.

Thank you both.

Fits said...

PS to Jay:

I'd never post something about someone I respected before saying it to their "face" first, but since Charles doesn't answer emails I simply vented here.

If I had a beef with you, you'd hear it in private before it became public. Blogs are supposed to be somewhat disrespectful or what's the point, but there isn't an individual I've ranted on who hasn't first heard pretty much the same thing in an email.

And besides, dammitall, going overboard when discussing the ACLU is a virtual impossibility. I admire your fire as well as the fact that you DO hold back somewhat to make it both respectable and readable.